“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.” – Joseph Campbell

Every Sunday, we come together by phone to share our dream stories as medicine for the community. As we pass the virtual talking piece around the circle, we take turns listening and speaking as we navigate the landscape of the dream. Every member, whether new or experienced, brings their unique style and perspective.

There is healing in the telling of dreams, and by listening we are able to offer new perspectives. There are always sweet surprises in Sunday Council, and Dream Council has become a weekly ritual that enriches many of our lives.  We honor the ancestors and all the dreams that have come before, and also the descendants and all the dreams that are to come, by keeping the ”dream flame” lit in this simple yet profound practice.

What to Expect…

We will open at 11:11am PST with an opening meditation and visualization.
Then, we’ll pass the talking piece around the circle to share intentions and feedback

We will have a short drumming/music period to call forth dream memories

Pass the talking piece around the call to share dreams and any ?’s or in*sights

We close with a community action plans and collaborative prayer

• Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can settle in for our opening meditation.

• Bring your dream journal or record keeper of choice to write and draw during the session

• Come with a dream in mind, or with an open mind to a dream that may emerge!

• Adopt a ‘listening piece’, an object that you can hold on to or wear during our call that symbolizes listening

Join by Phone or Online

Sundays 11:11am-1:11pm PST

Call (605) 472-5455

Access Code: 298296


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