Reoccuring Dreams

Learning the Lesson
As a child, I had terrible nightmares of being chased by a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex… I would run screaming from the dream and wake up feeling very scared and upset. These are some of the very first dreamemories I have, and I must have been only three or four years old.

As the dreams continued, I remember clearly being in the dream, and the T-Rex pursuing me with his big reptilian teeth. My little child dream self turned around, faced the dinosaur and said ‘I am dreaming you’!.

When I said this, the T-Rex began to change form, and it became one of those transformer robots from the 80’s. Needless to say, it was pretty ‘rad’!

The T-Rex never came back to visit after that, and I will always remember this as one of the ‘big’ dreams in my life.

I tell this story from my childhood because to me, it is a classic reoccurring dream tale, and as I study the dream practice, I am learning that I am not alone in experiencing recurring dreams of this nature.

In fact, it is reported that reoccurrent dreams occur in between 60% and 75% of adults.

Common themes include: being attacked or chased, falling, being stuck, being late, missing or failing an exam, and even losing control of a car.  Theoretically, recurrent dreams are assumed to reveal the presence of unresolved conflicts or stressors in an individual’s life. This is corroborated by findings that recurrent dreams are usually accompanied by negative dream content, and that they are associated with less psychological well-being  –Zadra, A. (Barrett)

Even though most reoccurring dreams are negative in nature, they still seem to help us resolve our conflicts in waking life, and adapt to stressful situations. Reoccurring dreams are our soul’s way of communicating to the subconscious mind something that we are ready to learn.

Einstein says, ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’

This is the insanity of the recurring dream, and to come into sanity we must be willing to approach the same repeating dream situation in a brand new way.

As we actively engage and interact with our reoccurring dreams, we gain new perspectives into their meaning, giving them a chance to evolve and grow. Recurring dreams are our soul’s natural way of communicating with us that there is something we are not paying attention to that is ready to be approached in a new way.

Here are some techniques that can help you approach your recurring dreams from a different perspective—


Waking Revisitation-

  • Write down or speak aloud your reoccurring dream story.
  • Walk through the dream, and take the time to revisit the feelings and symbols.
  • When you come to the end of the dream story, consider what would happen if you could continue the dream beyond the point of when you awoke.
  • Continue to write the dream story with you’re imagination, make choices, and come to resolution.

For example, If you’re recurring dream is about falling, revisit that feeling to the point of waking, and continue on to see what happens next.. Perhaps you grow wings, or land with a soft and gentle landing. Perhaps as you fall you turn into a million droplets of water and become rain.. The sky is the limit when it comes to what we can imagine!

This technique helps us not only to receive intuitive insight about the dream’s meaning, but it also gives us the ability to make a choice in dreams about aspects that feel threatening or scary. Stress, Trauma, and Conflict oftentimes arise in situations where we have no control. When we give ourselves the power of choice by actively imagining a possible resolution in a dream, we can heal trauma in our waking lives and return to wholeness.


Notice the Similarities and Differences.

In repeat dreams, we will find that there are subtle differences amongst the clear similarities.

For example, I often have recurring dreams about closets of clothes. In every dream, this theme is present. There is also always a female guide/companion present in these repeat dreams. I oftentimes revisit these dreams and chose a piece of clothing to wear as a spiritual garment. The clothes vary in each dream, and the closet is oftentimes located in different areas. Sometimes it’s in a mansion, sometimes it’s in a basement, sometimes it’s more of a public clothing store. As I pay attention to what is different in each dream, I see a correlation in my waking life.

  • Reoccurring dreams are defined as those dreams that have repeat themes, symbols, and situations. Pay attention to what is repeated and consistent in these dreams.
  • There are differences in each reoccurring dream as well.. Locations may change, or there may be progress occurring in one form or another. Your reoccurring dreams  might vary depending on the season, cycle, or waking life environment. Pay attention to how your dreams may have softened or filtered as they’ve progressed.


Dream Incubation—

I was having reoccurring dreams of ancient Scottish landscapes for many moons and I was feeling confused about their meaning. They  were coming up so frequently, that I felt like I needed some clarity.

Before I went to sleep, I lay in bed and consciously relaxed my mind and body. I set the intention and asked to be shown a dream that would bring some resolution to my confusion. I affirmed to myself that I am a dreamer, and drifted into sleep.

That night, I had a very clear and vivid dream, and it felt as though it was one of those dream experiences where there’s a lot  of vivid detail and clarity. I was visited by an ancestor, who shared with me stories that brought the lessons of the dream to a new light.

I awoke from the dream and recorded it with a feeling of immense gratitude for the resolution this dream had brought! I was amazed at how I could actually just ask with an open heart for a specific dream and then receive one.

Try it yourself

  • Before going to sleep, ask for guidance and resolution about your reoccurring dream.
  • Enter a meditative state, and affirm that you will learn a new lesson from your dreams.
  • Give your gratitude for knowing this is possible, and affirm you are a dreamer
  • Surrender to the unknown as you slip into sleep, carrying with you the seed of intention to remember.
  • Utilize ambient sounds, aromatherapy, and guided meditations to support dream incubation

What I have learned thus far, is that all recurring dreams come with a medicine lesson to help our soul’s grow.




Dreams that repeat themselves carry big lessons to assist us in our journey through life, especially when we approach them with a fresh prayerspective.. Remember, that waking life is also a reoccurring dream, so may we apply these techniques of resolution, discernment, and intention in our waking recurring stories as well! .

Until next time…
Your Dream Ally,


Art credit— ‘Dragon Wave’- Jean Luc Bozzoli

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Visionary Founder of Dream Council

Emakhet is the founder of Dream Council. She is passionately devoted to the dream practice, and offers her service as a council facilitator, wisdom keeper, priestess and oracle.

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