Locations and Landscapes

Navigating the Dreamtime

Dreams give us the ability as souls to traverse the many landscapes and levels of consciousness.

When we sleep, our body releases a paralyzing substance called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) so that we can move around in dreams and our bodies will stay still. Our physical bodies are in the location of our beds while we sleep, yet our consciousness lives on the edge of physics, at the very reach of our understanding.


The locations of your dreamtime are like a canvas that a dream is being painted on. As we navigate the dreamtime  in sleep, in lucidity, and in wake, we can simply notice and pay attention to the space the dream is contained in, or the ‘map’ that the trail is being shown upon.

What is a dream location made of? Is it only a reflection of ego and the mind? Or is it more than that, somehow divinely designed to hold and contain us. What is this web of reality?

We truly live in an inner sanctum of infinite space.

With any dream theme, and in regards to a location in dreams,  may we ask ourselves-

What is my relationship to the location in my dream? Am i comfortable there? Tune in with your senses in the dream. What does the location feel like?


Here are some more invitations to engage further–

Develop an Action Plan


If you’re soul feels at peace in a dream setting, take action to honor that by creating a similar space in waking life. If you’re soul feels uncomfortable, ask yourself why that is, and make adjustments to become more aligned with your soul’s wish in the dream.

Plan a Dream Journey


Play with how you choose to bridge back the medicine of these locations into your waking life. Perhaps there is a place you go in your dreams that bears a resemblance to a place here on earth. Perhaps the dream place is more of a feeling you could aim for. Go there.

Create a Sacred Sleep Space


Be creative as to how you set the environment for your dreamtime by creating a sacred sleep space. Clean your blankets, make a dream pillow, dream catcher, or bring your favorite dream totem to bed. When the location of our physical body during sleep is purified and consecrated, we make the space for dream visions to be coherently contained.



May we become aware of how our inner environment reflects our outer environment and vica versa, so we can begin to navigate through the symbolic landscapes and locations in dreamtime.

May these keys invite us to become trailblazers, trackers, and dreamwalkers as we tune in with our dreams as the landscape of the soul.

In the place where all directions meet,
Your Dream Ally,




Visionary Founder of Dream Council

Emakhet is the founder of Dream Council. She is passionately devoted to the dream practice, and offers her service as a council facilitator, wisdom keeper, priestess and oracle.

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