Many of us don’t wanna remember our dreams because when we remember we not only recall our pleasant dreams but also our scary nightmares. In dreamtime, we often relive past traumas that have been left unresolved on a soul level and sometimes awaken with a sense of dread at the thought of having to go through that original overwhelm again.


Dreams as a function help us to resolve past traumas through giving us direct access to situations where we previously had no choice and then giving us one. Nightmares and traumatic dreams are a wonderful indication that there is already healing taking place around these areas of life, as the subconscious mind is filtering these memories through the dreams into conscious awareness.


While during the original traumatic event, we may have had no choice and were forced to enter into fight/flight/freeze mode, now in the dreamtime, we are the creators of the scene. We are no longer forced by anyone or anything to continue the harm. 

So have no fear!
Here’s how to actively revisit a traumatic dream and find some resolution—


  1. Record the dream memory. Do your best to add every detail you can remember up until the point of awakening.
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable place to meditate. Read the dream to yourself or aloud.
  3. Ask yourself. What conflict do I intend to resolve in this dream? What is my intention?
  4. Call upon your helpers and guides. Sometimes it’s scary to relive and face past traumas alone. Call upon whatever guide/ally/superhero who you feel safe with and decide what they will do to help you.
  5. Close your eyes and re-enter the dream scene in your imagination. Visualize yourself making a choice to resolve the conflict. Feel your helpers helping release you from any fears as they assist you in finding resolution.
  6. Write down what just happened, and notice how you feel. Perhaps there’s a creative action plan that’s surfaced in waking life to honor the medicine of this dream.


This method can be especially helpful with children and nightmares. Ask the child what superhero they would choose to help them face the boogeyman without fear. What superpowers would the superhero use to help protect the young dreamer?


The beauty of this is that though the superhero seems to be an archetype outside of the child’s own psyche, they are in fact an aspect of the child’s personality themselves…the aspect that faces life’s challenges without fear and makes choices for the benefit of all beings.


If you need help with this process and need a friend, feel free to reach out! We all go through times where we need a little support to face our fears. We got this.


Your Ally,



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