Giving Dreams a Voice

Speaking Directly with Dreams

Every dreamembered story has a cast of characters. What if we played with the idea of becoming these characters and then give them a voice? We may be surprised about what they have to say. There’s a clarity that comes when we allow ourselves to speak in the present moment from the perspective of our inner dream archetypes.

Here are some easy and fun ways to practice—

Have a Dream and Record it.

Before playing with this method, we must have some dreamaterial to play with. Choose a dream that resonates with you in this moment, allowing it to emerge into your view.  Give this dream a title, as if it were a movie or a myth.

Here’s an example:
November 11th,  “The Bird in the Tree and the Foxhole”
In my dream, a bird is in a tree and it is singing while the fox comes out of a hole in the ground and jumps up towards the nest quickly to attempt to eat an egg from the bird.”

Identify the Archetypes of the Dream

Take time identifying all the different ‘players’ that participated in this dream. Notice the people, the things, the places, the beings, and all the elements of the dreamscape.

Who are the cast of characters in this dream? Write ’em down, or circle them in your dream journal.
Example: The bird, the tree, the foxhole, the dreamer, the sky,  the hole, the nest, the eggs, etc.

Speak as one of the Archetypes

Choose one of these characters and give them a voice. Ask them questions as the dreamer, and see how they respond. Begin by saying ‘I am the…and I….”. Let your imagination and intuition determine what this archetype will say. It may surprise you!

Example: Dreamer asks, ‘ I am the dreamer, and I am asking the fox…fox, why are you jumping at the bird’s nest?’ and then the dreamer says…’I am the fox, and I am jumping because…’

Hold a dreamversation!

Once you get a feel for being the voice of your dream archetypes, you can begin to have a conversation between characters, leading to fascinating insights into the dynamics of relationship in the dream.

Example: ‘I am the fox, and I am asking the bird for its egg. I am the bird and I am guarding my egg. I am the egg, and I am potential. I am potential and I am….”

Be Creative!

Remember, that while dream characters do reflect aspects of our own personality, they are also sovereign beings! Do your best to interact with them, and as them, with an open heart and without expectation.

We pray this is inspiring and that it gives voice to our dreams!!!!

Your Dream Ally,
Emakhet Uru

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Emakhet is the founder of Dream Council. She is passionately devoted to the dream practice, and offers her service as a council facilitator, wisdom keeper, priestess and oracle.

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