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The most basic and profound piece of your impending dream practice is this:  your ability to remember your dreams.  Everyone has the innate ability, therefore whats more important is your will to remember.

I like to call it stoking the dream embers.  Or, short and sweet, dreamembering.


The ability to remember will build quickly, but chya gotta work it a bit.  If you’re just starting out, commit to recording just one thing a night, a snapshot image of something you experience.  Just do your best to meet that intention with action, without forcing anything.

At times you’ll stumble your way through the abstractions, but just find the word(s) and get them out on the page.

Forget about whether its a pretty memory or if it makes any sense.  You might have a stress dream that you don’t really want to remember.  Or maybe your dream is so abstract that it’s challenging for your sleepy mind to find the coherence.  Your mind will try to get in there and say “That’s not really relevant, I don’t need to write that down.” Or it may disguise itself in other clothing, saying “There’s no way I’ll forget that.  Back to sleep.”

And that little critic, my friends, is a show stopper.

Your best ally is just to smooth over any value judgment of a dream, and simply become a scribe.  That’s my little secret to remembering several dreams every night, no matter what they are.  My dream life is incredibly vivid and has been for years, but only because I am a relentlessly devoted scribe.

The moment you awake, do not move your body.  The moment you start squirming around, the chemistry in your brain begins to change and that sweet and delicate thread between your dayworld mind and your dreams can easily slip out of your sleepy little fingers.

So just chill out, marinate in between the worlds for a few moments and see if you can piece together a story.  This is also a perfect time to re-enter the dream lucidly, but we’ll talk about that another day.

Lets talk about some dream recall methods.

If you don’t have one picked out, *pet pet* I’ve got some ideas for you to swim around in.  Let ’em each soak in, get all wrinkly.  If you do have a method, maybe you’ll get inspired to spice it up and bring some of these sexy new moves to bed.


Method 1: Analog

Old school dream journal style.  Just you, a dream journal and a pen.

**Power up this method with a “night writer” light pen. Instead of turning on the light, let your body float in the dreamy darkness.  The less adjusting you have to do, the more mental focus you can give to scribing.


Method 2: Digital

Voice recorder style.  Just keep the device within easy arm’s reach.  Be sure to put your phone on “airplane mode”.

**Power up this method with a follow up to your voice recordings.  Pick one day or more a week to go back over the recordings and transcribe them.  Take it a step further and see if you can recall any more details about the dream as you’re writing.  (This is my preferred method.  It feels like the most thorough and graceful for my being.)


Method 3: Organic

Speak it out loud.  Tell your partner, tell your cat, or just speak the dream aloud to yourself.  The likelihood that you’ll remember later in the day is ten fold.  By doing so, you’re crystallizing the intangible into a more tangible form of memory.  I kind of envision this like wisps of smoke, pouring through your mouth, becoming more physical.  **Power up this method by taking a step further and writing the dreams down once you’re up and moving around.

So much more can and will be said about dream recall.  There are also tons of herbal allies you can work with to help you kickstart your dreamembering, but for now, you can get started….

If this helped you, please leave a comment below and share this article with someone you feel this might benefit.

Happy adventuring, my muses, my dreamlings…

Xo, Aluna

Originally posted on Aluna’s Dreambender blog

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