The Medicine of Movement

When we awaken from a dream, sometimes the symbolic imagery isn’t clear, and nonetheless we’ll awake with an initial feeling and a certain knowingness. These emotions can be expressed through dance and body movement.. 
 From fear to acceptance, from restriction to release. From tears, to laughter, dreams are the language of the soul.
As we identify the core feeling  of a dream, we can locate where that feeling resides in our bodies. The body is the house that holds the soul body inside. We store memories of both pain and pleasure within our bodies, and through movement therapy, we can retrain the pathways of our bodies to liberate us from unwanted emotional cycles. 
Here is a way that I like to interact with dreams and dance therapy—
First, simply locate the dream feeling as a sensation in your body and breathe some space into it.
Tune in with your body. Locate where the feeling of the dream resides in the body. Perhaps it is resting in the solar plexus or the heart or you can feel sensation in the hands or feet. Scan your field for where the dream medicine is residing, and begin to notice what you naturally wish to do with it.
Express your feelings with movement – If there is a feeling you are ready to release, how do you translate this into your body language? How does this feel? You will find that once your imagination gets going, you will be guided by the unconscious to move gracefully into restoration and resolution.
The possibilities are endless!
Do you suddenly feel the urge to move? Perhaps the feeling inspires you to stand up, to sit down, or to start making motions with your hands and feet. Without any reservations, how would you move your body to express the feeling you awoke with in a dream?
If the feeling is of fear, perhaps the body wishes to fold over and the hands hide the face. If the feeling is of flight in dreams perhaps the body wishes to hold it’s arms outstretched, as if they were wings. We can be creative with our movements and allow our bodies to express our dream feelings, and to consciously move our way into resolution. 
This can be a time to resolve painful feelings or experiences from a dream. If in the dreamtime you’re being chased by a tiger, the movements begin by moving the legs like they are running away and then the dance evolves into stillness and presence with the tiger, then facing the tiger, and then, the dance transforms again only this time into becoming the tiger itself.
There are so many ways to interact with our dreams, and the dream dance practice is a really fun and creative way to be ever more embodied as awakening dreamers.


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Visionary Founder of Dream Council

Emakhet is the founder of Dream Council. She is passionately devoted to the dream practice, and offers her service as a council facilitator, wisdom keeper, priestess and oracle.

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