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We love feedback!  Let us know how Dream Council feels to you, what you’re most intrigued by and what you can’t get enough of.   This helps soooo much in the creative process to know what you as the dreamer really desire. You can offer a testimonial, or just simply ask us anything.

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For booking inquiries, dream connections, and to find out more about our offerings, we welcome you to contact us!

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, in case we can clarify something now.


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Is Dream Council free?

Yes! Our Sunday Councils are always free. Calls from international numbers may have different restrictions.
We also offer free dream group interpretation and sharing in our closed Facebook group.

We request donations for our private sessions, online courses, and in person playshops, and no one is turned away for lack of funds. There is always a way to connect with us!!!

Our Offerings

How do I join the Sunday Council?

To be a part of the conversation on Sunday Council. join our Facebook group to receive event invites with weekly ”dream themes”.


  • Call (605) 472-5424
  • Enter the access code 640942

Council Hours: Sundays 11:11am PST- 1:11pm PST

How do I become a member?

To become fully active with Dream Council, sign up for our newsletter, join our fb group and join our Sunday Council. We are crafting some beautiful course offerings and events gestating behind the veil to connect deeper as we grow, so stay tuned!

How do I share a dream with Dream Council?

We are glad you asked!
There are several ways to share your dream stories with us.
Join our FB group to share in our online forum
Call into Sunday Council to share in group practice
Receive a private session

What is the meaning of my dream?

Dreams are both literal and symbolic, and the process of interpretation varies greatly on the perception of the interpreter. To begin to interpret your own dream, ask yourselves these questions, and record in your dream journal.

How did I feel in this dream?
How did I feel upon waking?
How does this dream mirror my feelings in waking life?
What action can I take to honor this dream?

We have much more to share on this subject!

Download the free e-book to get fully equipped to explore (COMING SOON)
Share your dreams with Dream Council via our FB group or Sunday Council
Receive a private session.

How can I book you for an event?

Contact us with event details and requirements, and we will get back to you via e-mail.


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