Hi, I’m Aluna

Dream Council muse, co-facilitator, and lucid dream mentor, and writer of my own dream-style blog:  www.DREAMBENDER.space

Dreambending -verb.

The fluid virtuosity and command of dreaming to the point of artistry.

I’m dedicated to keeping the Mmm –the inner Muse, Mentor and Medicine–of the night-dream alive and blooming in the dayworld.

What I'm About

My superpower is dreambending.  I live and breathe creative inspiration and mentorship for aspiring lucid dreamers. My teachers are the dreams themselves and the archetypes that animate them.  By day, I am a muse and artist, by night I am a rebel and an empress; and in the twilight of the two, I walk with the trickster on one side and the priestess on the other.  I have a powerful allegiance with elegance and beauty.  Aesthetic is huge for me, which I surmise will someday make for a luxurious Dream Council retreat.

When I’m not nerding out hard on dreams, I’m illustrating children’s books, designing websites, writing, pouring tea and making healthy, delicious food.  I also hostess a weekly dinner + networking party here in LA. People say I have a serene presence.  I love that, and I’ll add that I’m also bold, silly, introverted, loyal and lovingly sarcastic.


Being an active lucid dreamer and dreamworker for the better part of seven years has given me more insight than I could have ever imagined.  As such I’m qualified to offer mentorship in the ways of lucid dreaming. My personal blog and website, Dreambender, has been my digital loom where I’ve designed and lead lucid dreaming courses.  I write a lot about dreams, personal discovery, and send out a seasonal-ish newsletter with advice and inspiration.

I’m the web designer and lead design artist for Dream Council. I sometimes co-facilitate the weekly Sunday Council call with Emakhet. Together, we offer private sessions for those dreams that are a little more tender and require some privacy. If your desire is greater lucidity and deeper revelation about your dream life, this is the sweet spot.

Dont work with me if...
. . .you just want someone to tell you what your dream means. No one’s capable of doing the work for you but I will give you some useful tools, offer a thoughtful perspective and, if we’re lucky, help you soften the dream’s message and come to your own epiphany about it.
. . .you don’t really think you’ll follow through.  With dreamwork, follow-through is key.  Especially when it comes to lucid dreaming and building up your dream recall.  As a mentor, I am equal parts practical and philosophical.
. . .you’re interested in thrill-and-pleasure dreaming, but you lack the earnestness to do some shadow work, as the two are in an intimate relationship. The natural unraveling of dreamwork is that it expertly illuminates the things that we’re holding onto which don’t allow for optimal self love and expression. Instead of avoiding the shadow in dreams, I encourage every dreamer to invite it in as a herald of essential information for the next level of your hero’s journey.
Things I love
My partner Tomaki. My dog Trinity aka Pupcake. All the gradients of purple. The twilight. The muse. The feeling of belonging. Web design. Tea. Imagination. A great story. Water. Animals. My books. Fashion. Vulnerability. Aliens. Gumbo. Interior design. Creative writing. A run on my beach at twilight. The Hero’s Journey. A good malbec. The smell of the forest. The moon. My family. My pillow.  Myself.
Questions for me
What else would you like to know about me?  I am eager to clarify any questions or curiosities you might have.
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