As a certified dream nerd, people often approach me and let me know that they don’t dream.

It makes my face squinch up when I hear it, because I think about all the times as kids we’re told ‘oh it’s just a dream’ or ‘dreams aren’t real’ or some mumbo jumbo like ‘i don’t dream anymore’. I wanna shake these people eversogently and say but you DO dream!!! You DO! You just don’t remember them anymore.


Like the great mind Emma Goldman says, “When we can’t dream any longer we die.’


Sing it sister! And since you are alive and well enough to read this blog, you do indeed dream.


So how do we remember our dreams when we find ourselves waking up to a busy world full of stimulation and information? How do we make the most of that five minute sweet spot of awakening so that we can bridge back all the amazing dreamformation from the night before?


From my own experience, I’ve developed the 4 ‘R’s of Dream Recall. Stick to this trusty map, and I assure you you’re dream memories will return!



  • RELAX  When you first wake up, stay still. Don’t shoot out of bed or move around too much. Every time our eyes move, our thoughts move. Every time our body moves, our thoughts move. So stay relaxed and don’t rush out of bed. Keep your eyes clothes and take a deep breath, allowing the body to stay in it’s comfy snuggled up state.


  • REMEMBER While laying in your comfy zone, begin to ask yourself, How am I feeling? Where was I just now? What was I just thinking about? Allow any feelings to be recalled and notice where you feel them in your body. Notice what symbols, characters, or phrases arise.


  • RECORD Once the memories start to re-surface, record them! Write analog style in a dream journal or record your voice into a recorder. If you don’t remember a lot of details at first, that’s okay, simply record how you are feeling and why you feel you may not remember as well. The point is to get into the ritual of recording each morning until you find yourself writing pages and pages of detailed dream memories.


  • REVISIT This step is so crucial because even if we record our dream memories when they’re fresh, we often forget the details soon after writing them down. Revisiting helps us to remember the dream from a more conscious perspective, and helps us to call forth material to interpret and develop creative action with. Take time in your day to go back through your dream journal, and see what magickal notes you’ve left for yourself in the tweentimes of the morning.


So that’s it…the 4 ‘R’s…I hope you can take these lil’ tips and keep them in your toolbelt to inspire your dreamlife. Once your journal or recorder begins to house your amazing personal myths, feel free to come to Dream Council and share your story.


I’m sure there’s some medicine there…


Your Ally,


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