Dream Council believes that our dreams are medicine stories for our community.  We’re here to be a profound resource for all dreamers. With reverence for the art of storytelling and dream process, we honor the muse of dreams and the power of their creative application in the waking world.  We’re here to support and awaken the dreamer within.

'An exhilirating and soul nourishing community'

Kouros, San Francisco, CA

'Dream council has blessed me with inspiration'

Alicia, Kentucky

'Dream Council has become a meaningful ritual in my life'

Emily, California

'What a great learning opportunity Dream Council continues to be!'

Anthony, Berkeley, CA

'Thank you Dream Council for all of your sincere and genuine offerings'

Matt, Los Angeles CA

'Dream Council is more than talking about dreams, it's the re-emergence of a dreaming culture'

Sarah, Los Angeles, CA

'The insights have helped me immensely in my waking life'

Zin, Quincy, CA

'Council has helped me see truths in my most enigmatic dreams'

Jenn, Davis, CA

How do I participate?

Every Sunday 11:11am-1:11pm PST

Dial-in number (US): RETURNING 2/1/19

Access code: ***

Join the online meeting: ***




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