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We are here to support and encourage your inner wisdom that arises from the dream realms. You are welcome to consult with Dream Council Founder, Emakhet Uru for a one-on-one personal session.  More details below.

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Emakhet Uru offers one-on-one sessions by phone and online where we engage your curiosity and creativity about dreams.  You will receive tools and techniques that assist in tapping into medicine of the your dreamtime.

Dream sessions are a lot of fun, and full of magick and surprise, as we bear witness to the fantastically imaginative and mystical world of dreams.

Sometimes we have dreams of a personal nature, and we do not wish to share them in a public or group process. We are here to hold safe space for these kinds of dreams, and offer gentle guidance into their medicine and potential for healing.

Sometimes we simply don’t remember our dreams, and so here we offer some tools and techniques to reawaken your dreamer within.

Once you confirm your session, we will send you an e-mail with some questions about what you are looking for and what you would like to explore.

If you would like a session via e-mail, please connect via our Contact page and specify that you would like an e-mail session. Consultation via e-mail is by donation basis.

How are ready to dream your dream awake on the planet?



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